It’s not about what equipment you have, it’s what you do with it.

“Aphex Twin”

Our 360° Equipment:

Zcam V1

FOV: 10 x 190° F2.7

Sensor: SONY 1/2.3” CMOS

Resolution: 3376×2768 @30fps / 2880×1572 @60fps

Output Resolution:  7K @30fps / 6K @60fps

Kandao Obsidian R

FOV: 6 x 180° F2.0

Sensor: CMOS

Camera Resolution: 3800 x 3000@30fps

Output Resolution:  7680 x 7680@30fps  /4k x 4k@60fps

Zcam S1 Pro

FOV: 4 x 220° MFT F2.8-F11

Sensor: Sony MFT Camera

Resolution: 2880×2880@30fps

Output Resolution:  5.6K@30fps

Zcam S1

FOV: 4 x 190° F2.8-F11

Sensor: Sony 1/2.3″ 12M sensor

Camera Resolution: 4K@30fps / 2.7K@60fps

Output Resolution:  6K@30fps /4K@60fps

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