360° EU Saves Lives

Kakuma Kenya


Client  EU DG ECHO
Agency Schwarzbild Medienproduktion, VIOND, MC Group
Category 360° VR Production
Date 22 February 2019

“EU Saves Lives” roadshow

The second edition of the “EU Saves Lives” roadshow will travel across several European cities between February and August 2019. With stops made in Vienna, Naples, Nicosia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cologne, Lyon, and Lisbon, visitors vividly experience the EU’s response to natural or man-made disasters. In an immersive virtual reality, they encounter the importance of humanitarian aid and civil protection, based on the principle of solidarity. Using innovative technology, the ”EU Saves Lives campaign thus aims to bring the EU closer to its citizens.

The second edition comes after a successful first roadshow edition in 2018 that visited six European cities and received 450 000 visitors in total.

Pilot a firefighting plane: Feel like a firefighter

Have you ever imagined yourself as a firefighter, flying a plane all by yourself? The “EU Saves Lives” roadshow gives you that chance! With our two interactive water bomber chairs, you can now pilot a firefighting plane. Sit inside the cockpit of a water bomber flying over a massive forest fire in Italy and help to put it out. Get a taste of EU-coordinated response to forest fires.

Experience education in a Kenyan refugee camp

Immerse yourself in the Kakuma camp in Kenya, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Our virtual reality experience offers you an insight into the importance of providing education for children caught up in humanitarian crises. Education in emergencies is one of the EU’s flagship priorities. Meet the children of the camp, see their talent and potential, and learn how EU-funded projects support their development by providing education in emergencies.

Visit refugee camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh

With this virtual reality experience, you will be travel into the midst of the Rohingya crisis where you will step inside a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh to learn about the refugees’ lives and the work of EU-funded projects.

Roadshow dates and locations

22 February – 2 March: Vienna, Austria
15 March – 24 March: Naples, Italy
12 April – 21 April: Nicosia, Cyprus
10 May – 19 May: Stockholm, Sweden
31 May – 9 June: Copenhagen, Denmark
21 June – 30 June: Cologne, Germany
12 July – 21 July: Lyon, France
2 August – 11 August: Lisbon, Portugal


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