Client  DJ Hell
Agency Monomango
Category 360° VR Production
Online About
Date 28 April 2017

In collaboration with DJ Hell & Monomango, we created a 3D 360° VR video for a unique exhibition at the Seven Star Gallery in Berlin Mitte for the Gallery Weekend 2017.

Visual Vitamin was in charge of the Stereoscopic 3D 360° VR shoot and postproduction.

On the occasion of the release of the new bright album “ZUKUNFTSMUSIK” we the 3D VR-Experiences around the song “Anything, Anytime”.

The 3-day exhibition also featured physical exhibits as framed pictures from the VR Experiences shot during the production. DJ Hell presented the songs of his new album for the first time here.

At the VR-Experience “Anything, Anytime” the viewer is in the center of an immersive light installation in the middle of a 360-degree dance performance. Mysterious figures emerge from the fog and disappear, always in the focus of the viewer and thus force an interaction.

Intense color motifs cite the “hanky code” of the gay community, which for DJ Hell was the main inspiration source of the song. 

THE 3D 360° VIDEO:



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