Client Red Bull Brazil
Agency Peter Clausen Film & TV
Category 360° VR Production
Online About
Date 07 December 2016

Hit the skies with paramotoring legend Rafael Goberna
as he explores Brazil’s Iguazu Falls from above.

The Iguazu waterfalls on the boarder between Argentina and Brazil are one of the World’s Seven Wonders of Nature. The beauty and sheer magnitude of this place is overwhelming, masses of water crush down with ear-deafening intensity and leave you awestruck.

Brazilian Paraglider Rafael Goberna was allowed to fly over the area with a paramotor in touching distance of the water and he takes us with him on the ride.

360° lets viewers enjoy the feeling of gliding through the air with a birds-eye-view of the magnificent waterfalls, through magical clouds and misty water spray.

Technical preparations for this shoot were quite tricky, considering the vibrations of the paramotor and general safety measures we had to take so as not to disturb Rafa’s flight movements.

It took us a lot of fiddling and thinking, but after conducting some test flights in Germany we found out that the athlete’s thighs were the most stable part in this game. So we ended up constructing a special leg mount for the 360° camera which then got attached to Rafa’s right thigh.


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